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    Your dreams turn into reality in just a few hours a day when you are clear and focused.

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    Our mission is to raise the consciousness of the world by elevating leaders through uplifting, impactful programs.

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    The difference that makes the difference. Harness the power of focus to change your life now.

  • Running a business is never easy but doing it in your spare time can seem daunting.  The truth is the shortcut is actually the long cut.

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  • Building a business is simply a series of milestones surrounded by systems, strategies and deadlines.  You can do it in an hour or you can stretch it to


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  • Who is in control of your life?  Your boss?  Your significant other?  Your kids?  Your parents?  We all have people in our lives who influence our decisions

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  • Dreaming is a skill, talent, something to practice for proficiency.  If you catch yourself saying, “well, I’m happy with where I am” then you need to practice dreaming

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  • My goal is to be part of an incubator of thought.  Create a universal mindshift around what we are capable of as individuals.  That is essentially who I am and what I want to be part of.  I help you enjoy the journey of building a successful halftime business through clear goals, milestones and specifically, FOCUS.  Just like you, I have a family, a business, an education that I want to use and an over active brain.  I also want to be healthy, happy, creative, active and mentally clear so I can be present and available to help others when in need.  The Greatness Company is about having it all on your terms.  Most of us were given the desire to contribute to our community, we were given skills to offer to our communities and we were given motivation to jump start the process.  

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  • The Greatness Company has been vital to the success of my business. In fact, I call Allison my "business angel" because she somehow manages to share the exact information, resources or suggestions I need, exactly when I need it. She mentioned a book called E Myth, right as I was starting my franchise. When I needed an insurance company, she sent me a contact. And when I launched my newest product, she suggested I physically visit the customer locations. Had I not followed her suggestion, I'm sure I'd have no customers. I am so grateful to have found such an incredible company to help me stay on track with my business and launch new products successfully!

    Dawn Hutchins - www.FloridaCoastalCooking.com

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    Alexander J. Simons

  • Developing Authentic Happiness in Leaders

    When you are clear with your direction, confident in your mission and can visualize your path you are able to lead with your heart and truly attract your best client.