• About

  • My goal is to be part of an incubator of thought.  Create a universal mindshift around what we are capable of as individuals or a team.  That is essentially who I am and what I want to be part of.  I help you enjoy the journey of building a successful halftime business through clear goals, milestones and time management.

    Just like you, I have a family, a business, an education that I want to use and an over active brain.  I also want to be healthy, happy, creative, active and mentally clear so I can be present and available to support others when in need.

    The Greatness Company is about having it all on your terms.  Most of us were given the desire to contribute to our community, we were given skills to offer to our communities and we were given motivation to tap into in order to make use of those skills.  The problem is, we think we have to dedicate 40, 50, 60 or more hours to it in order to be successful.  Burnout central!  All of a sudden it isn’t fun anymore.

  • Building a halftime business is fun and inspiring.  You have something to look forward to which automatically motivates you to focus and drive yourself forward.  Riding that motivation during the journey of success can allow you to create a better, more stable foundation, eliminate drift and allow you to seriously push the limits of what you are capable of.

    I have watched many businesses fail and many succeed.  They either have plenty of money or plenty of time.  Very rarely do they have both.  Understanding that people build businesses with the hope of creating plenty of money, then the rest is dependent on “plenty of time”.  You may be thinking to yourself right now that, “I don’t have plenty of time, and I surely don’t have plenty of money.”  Luckily for you (and me), time can be compressed.  That is what we teach at The Greatness Company.  If you choose to believe it, you can bend time to your advantage and leverage it into a successful business.  This doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen.  It takes commitment, focus and a little bit of trust.  There is no risk here, just confidence.