• Your 2 Hour Work Day

    • Specialization
    • Leverage
    • Focus
    • Clarity through curiosity
  • Building a business is simply a series of milestones surrounded by systems, strategies and deadlines.  You can do it in an hour or you can stretch it to 8 hours.  Why not be super focused for an hour or two instead of disjointed for 8 hours, or more.  Eek!!  

    Back before technology hit exponential growth, knowledge was the deciding factor of success.  Now, everyone has the same access to knowledge as everyone else.  Even when we become sick and seek a doctor's care, we have the ability to "diagnose" ourselves before we even set foot into a doctor's office.  I’m not saying we are always right but there is an increase level of confidence in our ability to identify the issue.  We also have free access to collegiate knowledge through online sites like Coursera.  We can literally teach ourselves anything with very little monetary commitment.

    Not only has the internet and technology allowed us to learn anything under the sun but we now have access to people from all over the world that can provide our businesses with resources that we may not have previously been accessible.

    Then what do we have to set us apart from someone else?  How do we differentiate ourselves in this situation?  Here’s a hint, It’s not time.  Working harder and longer does not make us more productive.  It drives us faster towards burnout by decreasing our CPU (brain) power. 

    This means we are all smart (or have the ability to be smart), we all have the same amount of time in the day and we all have access to the resources necessary to succeed no matter what our backgrounds.

    In this new hyper digital world, we have to separate ourselves through leverage, focus and specialization. 

    Specialization + Leverage + Focus = Productivity! 

    Teaching you to be super productive through specialization, leverage and focus is how you and I will drive your success. 

    You have special powers, you are unique, you just need to block everything out and focus!  In order for superman and superwoman to see through a brick wall they had to have extreme focus.  And so do you!

    Choose focus over quantity.