• You’ve committed to being an entrepreneur.

    You are passionate about your mission.

    You’ve committed to taking risks, calculated… but still risks.

    You’ve committed to marketing your product or service and have focus tons of time into your marketing plan.

    You have a growing number of clients and active followers.


    You just launched your new program and nothing, no takers.  But your competition seems to be killing it.


    You were just rejected by a potential client or customer whom you thought was a shoe in for your services but they decided to work with someone else (long distance, no doubt).


    You just got a bad review on your Facebook business page and the reviewer specifically mentioned your competition as a better alternative.


    These are just some of the situations you could find yourself in as a 21st century entrepreneur.


    The rules have changed.  You live in a time of world competition.  You are competing with some teeny-bopper in China or someone who runs their entire business via Skype or even your “best friend” (so you thought).


    If you want to rule the marketplace you need to have Emotional Resilience to win.  Emotional Resilience will keep you focused on your end goal, will block out all the noise, will allow you to focus on your unique skills that NO ONE ELSE HAS.


    If you notice, celebrities are always asked, “do you read the reviews when promoting a new movie? Or show?”  They will almost always say that they do their best to avoid them and stay focused on their craft.


    You should do the same!


    Ignore the reviews, focus on building YOUR skills for YOUR mission.  That is how you build YOUR emotional resilience in the 21st century.


    Important Tips

    Just a reminder, this is not something you “turn on”, this is something you practice to achieve.  Do not let your wavering emotional resilience or improving emotional resilience stop you in your tracks on your success path.  With practice your emotional resilience will strengthen and become unstoppable!


    Watchout World!