• Have you ever thought to yourself,
    “I’m not feeling motivated to build this business today, it must not be what I’m suppose to be doing with my life.”
    And then you think to yourself, “wait a minute, is it truly possible to even experience constant motivation?”
    And then you wonder, “am I really trying to give up on my dream just because I don’t feel motivated today?”
    Then you get mad at yourself for not being motivated.
    What happens next? You will make or break your business on what happens next.
    For someone who understands the emotional rollercoaster of an entrepreneur, this may just be a moment in time that stops you in your tracks for a split second.
    For someone who is trying to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, this could be a permanent end to what you thought was your ultimate future.
    Building a successful business is not dependent on constantly being motivated. That’s impossible even for the most successful, most motivated person.
    Building a business is about muscling through these times of low motivation by finding ways to inspire you to keep moving forward even if it’s at a slower pace than normal.
    Create a muscle memory type system that gives you the tools to move through these unmotivated moments while still being “in action.”
    Motivation will waver just like your enthusiasm for getting up early on a Saturday morning for a run.
    Your only requirement is a commitment to your cause and that will inspire motivation or allow you cultivate motivation within you to keep going.
    I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “you can’t quit on a bad day.” I think this is easier to understand once you have children and watch them make choices as their motivation waivers for certain activities. If you choose to quit on a bad day it’s because you were defeated, if you choose to quit on a good day, it’s because it’s an activity or commitment that you don’t feel passionate toward. The word “Defeated” should not be allowed in the English language!
    Don’t let a moment (or even an extended period of time) of low motivation defeat you!! If the passion is there, muscle through it!
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    With gratitude,