• Problem solving

     Your success level will increase when you learn to stop selling and instead focus on solving problems.  There is beauty in each person you work with so focus on the person and their needs.  Learn what makes them beautiful.

    Here are some things salespeople do. See if anything fits you –

    Salespeople try to convince.

    Salespeople use cliches and jargon.

    Salespeople often beg and try to close.

    Problem solvers and beauty seekers, on the other hand, ask lots of good questions and find out if there is really a need before going any further.

    No one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to have their problems solved and to be appreciated along the way.

    Find out the answers to these questions first –

    Are you happy with your current financial situation?  (trade “financial” for “health”, “employment”, “family” or “free time”, etc.)

    What are you dreaming about these days?

    What would you change?  (Great question to ask if someone seems to be complaining about their current situation)

    How serious are you about making that change?

    Are you willing to take action on making that change?

    The last questions is probably the most important.  There has to be a will and a why first!  

    We all know that solving a problem ultimately has to come from within the person who needs it solved.  You can provide the MEANS, they must pull the trigger and provide the END.

    With gratitude,