• Super successful entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes and other super achievers start their work, workouts or jam sessions with a routine.  Studies show that this tells your mind and body that it’s time to focus, to be creative, to fire your mental and physical neurons.  A routine will help you block out the clutter, get excited about what you are working on and break inertia so you can enter a creative and productive flow.


    One skill required for building a business in 2-hours a day is focus.  You can’t just snap your fingers a tell your brain to focus.  We have all experienced the frustration behind trying to motivate ourselves to get started on the project, brainstorm your marketing calendar, make your prospecting calls or sit down to complete any technical work.


    The thing about building a business is 2 hours a day is that you don’t have time to pansy around waiting to be motivated.  Your jam session is scheduled in your calendar and you need to hop to it! 


    Try this routine to kick start your next jam session.


    1. Close the door:  Doesn’t have to be a real door.  Just walk across the threshold of your office, room or coffee shop (I’ve been known to work from my car) and mentally leave the rest of your day on the other side.
    2. Silence: Breath, meditate or pray for one minute
    3. Affirmations/Purpose/Mission: Go through your list of affirmations, review your purpose and recite your company mission for one minute.
    4. Visualization and Experience: Visualize your success and experience how that makes you feel so that you are pumped about taking action for one minute.
    5. Exercise: Increase your blood flow for better efficiency.  Do jumping jacks for one minute.
    6. Read: Something that is focused on your company or personal development goals for one minute.
    7. Journal or Plan: Write in your journal or plan your 2-hr jam session for one minute.


    Important Tips


    1. Start by doing each of these for 1 min for a total of a 6 min “stretch” routine. Increase if, when and where necessary.
    2. You can always add a coffee, tea or smoothie to your routine.
    3. Feel free to reorder or spend more time on certain activities.
    4. Use a timer. The best athletes can be timed to the second on their routines.
    5. The key is to be repetitive. Whatever your routine, stick to it!


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